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contained beauty: photographs, reflections & swimming pools

contained beauty

photographs, reflections & swimming pools

By Debbi DiMaggio


ISBN 978-0-9855036-0-4

Hard-cover, four color 10’x12’ coffee table book

Release Date: September 20, 2012

Publicity I Book Signings Contact: Debbi DiMaggio


Photographs by Gray Malin, Thomas Engstrom, Bootsy Holler, Bernard Andre, Quentin Curtis Bacon, Christian Peacock, Valentina Vanni, Elad Gonen, Ken Hayden, Richard Se, Tommasco Picone, Paul Warchol, and Jennifer Fox.

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Stunning Images. Reflections. Connections. A visual journey that takes you around the world to some of the most beautiful swimming pools. DiMaggio assembled a collection of more than 100 images, interlaced with writings of her own “contained” journey.

A cousin of the famous Joe DiMaggio, Debbi appeals to those who live with the pressures of careers, family expectations and a calling to be more than who they are; hoping that contained beauty will inspire readers. “The way pools are contained by cement, I put boundaries around myself, real or imagined. Sharing this with you has opened my life to more joy.”

Beneath the surface of this book is a secondary and telling purpose. The net proceeds of contained beauty are dedicated to the George Mark Children’s House and its aquatics program.


Debbi DiMaggio is a mom, traveler, community ambassador and luxury Realtor. Debbi’s love of swimming pools, beautiful hotels and homes, writing and people is captured in contained beauty. Debbi’s definition of Art: Architecture + Landscape + Swimming Pool = Inspired Beauty.


Half Full Press is an independent publisher of specialty books on subjects ranging from floral arrangement to swimming pools to the history and culture of Venice.