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Feng Shui

Dear Debbi,

It was an honor to participate and introduce you at your recent ART OF REAL ESTATE event at the Piedmont Center for the Arts.  What strikes me is your classy, warm, and approachable commitment to exceeding your clients' every expectation and your openness to embrace new ideas to continually improve the results you achieve on their behalf.

I so enjoyed hearing your thoughts and ideas on a wide range of subjects and I learned things I hadn't understood before about the particulars of our unique real estate market.  Your knowledge is vast and deep and when I sell my own home, I definitely want you to head up our real estate effort!

I was so delighted to be included as one of your preferred service providers and share with you personally, the very specific Real Estate Feng Shui insights that can help you sell houses quickly for your clients!

It was great to meet your brother, re connect with Adam, and run into some old friends, including fabulous Oakland based Steve Adams from Creative Space Organizing, his work is so professional & efficient, and a great example of the level of professional commitment of everyone on your team!

In gratitude,

Michele Duffy, BTB M.F.S.

Feng Shui for the Home, Mind and Body